Achieving Best Evidence

Ever wondered what Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) Guidance entails?

It is a comprehensive framework that outlines the interview process for child and adult victims and witnesses during criminal investigations, emphasising a victim-centred and trauma-informed approach. A key aspect of ABE is the use of video-recorded interviews with vulnerable/intimidated witnesses, intended to be presented as evidence-in-chief in court.

🔒 Looking to achieve or enhance your ABE skills? Look no further! Our team at is here to provide top-notch training for qualified professionals who work with vulnerable and intimidated victims and witnesses.

Why choose us?

Our ABE course is exceptional as it is delivered by two qualified and experienced trainers who also have a wealth of experience as practitioners in ABE interviewing. In addition, our course includes a half day presentation from a leading Child Psychologist presenting ‘Child Development and Trauma.’

💡 We prioritise good practice and effective communication, understanding the impact of trauma on individuals’ lives and its influence on interview strategies. Our courses are tailored to offer a blend of online and practical training, ensuring  learners can hone their skills through realistic scenarios.

⚖️ Recognising the challenges of releasing staff for a 5-day course, we offer flexible options – fully online courses, hybrid models, or traditional face-to-face classroom sessions. Furthermore, we can deliver this course spread over two consecutive weeks to accommodate and support part time employees. Your training needs are our priority.

Meet Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee

Fiona is the Managing Director of

Fiona’s dedication stems from her police career, where she advocated passionately for professionals to possess the necessary skills to assess, plan, and interview victims and witnesses. She played a pivotal role in ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, has a voice in court through the ABE guidance. 

🔹 Fiona’s expertise extends to conducting ABE interviews for vulnerable individuals, and she has successfully developed and delivered ABE courses for various agencies, including the police, social care, armed forces, and Trading Standards. 🤝

🔹 At, we are privileged to have Fiona and our team of experienced associates who are equally qualified to create and deliver ABE courses, ensuring the highest standards of safeguarding training. 👏

Here at we are incredibly lucky to have experienced associates who are also qualified to design and deliver ABE courses.

Meet Ali Winn

Ali Winn

Ali Winn, a seasoned training professional, brings a wealth of expertise in Specialist Victim and Witness Interviewing, with a focus on Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings (ABE). With 30 years of service in Hertfordshire and Devon and Cornwall Police, Ali’s experience as an ‘Advanced’ interviewer providing interview advice spans across various investigative units, including Major Crime Investigations and Regional/National Units.

🔍 Her profound knowledge of ABE Interviewing, both in operational roles and as a trainer, is evident through her 12 years of crime training delivery. Notably, Ali served as the force training lead for Specialist Interviewing, conducting ABE Interview assessments as required by Courts, CPS, and police Professional Standards Dept.

🌟 Ali’s contributions extend to her role as the Learning and Development Lead for Operation Soteria/Bluestone,  a national review focusing on Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Investigations, in which she spearheaded the ‘knowledge transfer’ of academic research, findings and recommendations to all police services across the UK.

Meet Dr Emmanuelle Davison

Dr Emmanuelle Davison

Exciting news! Dr Davison, a Clinical Psychologist and advanced DDP practitioner, is making a significant impact in both independent practice and within the NHS at Exeter’s Early Child Development Service. Her expertise in developmental trauma and attachment is truly commendable. As a registered Practitioner Psychologist with the HCPC and a Chartered Member of the BPS, Dr Davison exemplifies the highest standards of professional practice. It is inspiring to see professionals like her dedicated to enhancing mental health and well-being.

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