Babies Cry – You Can Cope

During this challenging time stress levels at home may be increased. Unfortunately, recent studies suggest an increase in Non-Accidental Head Injuries in babies during the Covid Pandemic. 

ICON is a programme that provides information about infant crying and how to cope.

Babies who cry for long periods of time can evoke a range of emotions from worry, stress, anxiety, and frustration.  Research suggests that some people struggle with a baby crying for long periods of time which can lead to people losing control, when a babies crying becomes too much to handle.

  • Did you know that a baby can cry for up to 5/6 hours for no reason?
  • The peak time of crying is 6/8 weeks old
  • The peak time of the prevalence of abusive head trauma is 6/8 weeks of age,
  • SO, what can we do to help?

ICON is an evidence-based programme following years of research and study into the prevention of abusive head trauma (AHT). The ICON founder is Dr Suzanne Smith PhD.  ICON is an intervention programme rolled out through community services to raise awareness and provide coping mechanisms for parents and caregivers.

The message for the ICON project is “I can Cope”.

I – Infant crying is normal

C – Comforting methods can help

O – Its okay to walk away

N – Never, ever shake a baby

Non-Accidental Head Injuries can cause serious harm leading to long term health conditions such as partial or total blindness, developmental delays, learning disability, Cerebral Palsy or death to a child.

It isn’t just parents who get frustrated at a baby’s cry, think very carefully about who you ask to look after your baby. Please share the ICON message with anyone who may look after your baby and check that caregivers understand about how to cope with crying before you decide to leave your baby with them.  You can talk to your Midwife or Health Visitor about all aspects of crying and safe sleeping.

For help and resources for parents and professionals contact the ICON project:

CRY-SIS National Help Line: 08451 228669 Lines open 7 days a week, 9am-10pm Remember – if you are concerned that your baby may be unwell, contact your GP or NHS 111 (go to or call 111- the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). In an emergency, ring 999.

Website: Facebook: ICONCOPE Twitter: ICON_COPE


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