Safeguarding Golf & Beyond

Everyone should be able to enjoy sport in a safe environment BUT many clubs only deal with safeguarding when a disaster happens. 

This is too little too late.  “It wouldn’t happen to us” and “That isn’t applicable to OUR membership” is a dangerous attitude to have.

We only need to glance at the news nowadays to see some aspect of safeguarding that has failed in sport – gymnastics and football have both hit the big headlines recently.

Safeguarding Children in the UK is defined as the action taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from abuse and maltreatment , Safeguarding Adults is defined as protecting adults rights to live safely free from abuse and neglect.

All sports clubs should offer regular safeguarding training to their staff, volunteers and coaches and there are a wide range of options to suit different roles. 

England Golf recommend that coaches, and everyone else who has significant contact with children, attend a Safeguarding & Protecting Children (SPC) and a Time to Listen (TTL) workshop.  At we offer a wide variety of online workshops for volunteers such as Trustees and non-exec Directors.

From April 2021 it was a requirement for all golf clubs to hold the SafeGolf accreditation  SafeGolf is a partnership of UK golf bodies committed to promoting a safe and positive environment for all those participating, working and volunteering in the sport of golf. It’s designed to show that your club meets high standards to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.


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