Lessons from Operation Augusta

This blog is about the results of an independent review issued this week 16 Jan 2020 – after fifteen years. Sadly the story is not the first-time that an enquiry – known as Operation Augusta – has been shut down with the knowledge that more victims are out there.

I commend the retired Detective Maggie OLIVER for insisting that GMP failed to protect children from a South Manchester Paedophile ring.  Astonishingly, fifteen years later an independent review has proved her right.  The recent report shows that the GMP force closed down the operation knowing full well that scores of potential paedophiles were preying on young and vulnerable girls in South Manchester.

Operation Augusta had been looking into a network of older men, who they believed were grooming and having sex with vulnerable children living in care homes.  By the time she went off to look after her terminally ill husband in 2005, Maggie working Augusta had already successfully identified 97 potential suspected paedophiles, as well as 26 victims – the story of which is finally confirmed conclusively an explosive review into the way Greater Manchester’s child protection services have dealt with child sexual exploitation.

“Even then, it was the tip of the iceberg. It’s a very limited number. We will never really know how many kids were being abused by these men unless they carry out another investigation.”

Augusta was abandoned while Maggie was on leave due to concerns over costs among senior command, despite evidence of clear and widespread abuse.

Maggie is right in stating “what is the cost”? what about all the children who have been left, sacrificed to save money.

Please have a read of this news article and see what you think >> https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/this-truth-detective-who-blew-17562787 << [/av_textblock]