NHS England Safeguarding app

Image of the NHS England Safeguarding app on a mobile deviceLaunched at the end of 2019, the NHS Safeguarding app aims to support frontline staff and the public with 24-hour, mobile access to up to date safeguarding guidance and local contacts to report safeguarding concerns.

According to the NHS, it is accessed by over 300 users daily and has had over 61,000 downloads.  It provides a brief overview of legislation and guidance covering both children and adults safeguarding as well as an NHS staff guide with regional contact information on how to report a safeguarding concern, as well as links to national bodies and for healthcare staff.

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 stipulates that patients must be protected from abuse and improper treatment.  However, it does not set out the exact level, content or frequency of training required to identify patients at risk of abuse and act accordingly.

In January 2019, the Royal College of Nursing released intercollegiate guidance, which provides a ‘clear framework’ identifying the competencies required for all healthcare staff and the minimum training requirements to recognise child maltreatment and take effective action to improve child wellbeing.

The guidance sets out that staff should receive refresher training every three years as a minimum, tailored to the roles of individuals.  However, it is for contractors to ensure that their staff are adequately trained and demonstrate that staff are appropriately trained to a level that keeps them and the public safe.

The NHS Safeguarding app can be downloaded by visiting app store and searching for ‘NHS Safeguarding’ > Download NHS Safeguarding APP